About L+F


Our mission at Lost + Found Candle Co. is to create awesome-smelling products inspired by our favorite fandoms and stories in pop culture—without the added toxins found in mass-produced candles. At L+F, every candle is thoughtfully hand-poured in small batches with both you and the planet in mind, with the goal of making the world a little lighter and brighter each day.

young woman sitting in bed surrounded by candles and smelling one of them


Hi! I'm Casey, maker of candles, doodles, and puns. As a writer and as a lover of fictional worlds, I’m inspired by the magic of storytelling.

So, I had an idea. What if I could bridge the gap between fiction and reality with scent? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to visit a planet from Star Wars, or wished that you could make your room smell like your favorite Disney ride? Maybe not…but I definitely have. And thus, L+F was born.



Everything we do is done with community in mind. This includes fostering meaningful relationships with customers, prioritizing your feedback and concerns, and above all, creating a safe and inclusive environment for everyone who stumbles our way. We're proud to be a queer woman-owned small business dedicated to acceptance, love, and empowering others.


Our long-term carbon footprint drives all of our decision-making when it comes to supplies and shipping. We're proud to offer low-waste and recyclable packaging, non-toxic ingredients, and products made from ethically sourced materials.


We think life is easier when we're just real with each other. You can count on us to always act with transparency and honesty, and to own up when we make mistakes. We value your trust and pledge to act with integrity, always.


Why are we in this business? For the love of it, of course! Our passion lies in creating, innovating, exploring, and staying curious. At L+F, our creative wheels are always turning. We don't want to deliver products that merely satisfy—we want to deliver products that inspire and experiences that keep you coming back to see what we do next.